• “I was thinking about little people” —My friend, L More

  • LTT


    This morning, I got a YouTube notification. I’m very selective about what notifications I allow, but it was a live stream from Tesla. I looked, and I recognized it. It was one of those scam cryptocurrency streams. I looked at the videos on the channel, and I instantly knew. It was Linus Tech Tips. I […] More

  • Artificial intelligence is still stupid. It simply sees input and output and tries to create an algorithm to find the output from an input. It’s amazing, but it gets stuff wrong. It’s not self-aware, and can’t verify its own output. It just tries to translate and find what’s likely the answer. I have a hypothesis […] More

  • I like to listen to Bill Wurtz. Often I listen, and the lyrics don’t seem to make sense. But when they do, it’s surreal. Take the song “And the Day Goes On”. A lot of the lyrics sound like they came out of a poorly trained AI. There’s one part in particular that stands out […] More

  • When I’m around different people, I act very differently. I switch my personality to fit who I’m around. Whether this is good or bad I don’t know, but I hypothesize it has something to do with self-preservation. For example, when I’m around people I don’t know very well, I become a quiet kid. I sit, […] More

  • When I was around 10 or 12 years old, I went down to Missouri to visit some people. They were my parent’s best friends until they moved down to “Misery.” They had two kids, who we’ll call T and J. T was about 6, while J was 2 or 3. T was not a pleasant […] More

  • Once in high school, I had gotten a new laptop. It was a pretty good laptop for the price of $500. My friend and sister called me to play a game. I thought it would be a good idea to use the laptop to play instead of my desktop. They wanted to play Roblox, so […] More

  • Disaster

    This blog is a mess. A happy mess. Note: Some of this information is outdated. I’m not an awful admin. It’s currently running on my great grandma’s desktop computer. It used to run Windows Vista. It’s connected over WiFi to my home router, which is port forwarding on a dynamic IP address. Internally, it’s WordPress […] More

  • Right before my birthday, I went to a camp as a teenager. It shared a name with a popular Linux shell. It was during the school season, which meant it was over the weekend. It started Friday evening and went on until Sunday morning. Everyone at the camp (I estimate 30-50 kids) was split into […] More

  • Group Projects


    I was more of a loner back in high school. I didn’t like group projects because I thought I could do it better by myself. There was one particular project that sticks out. At my high school, freshmen got a choice of which PE class to take. It was either Gym or Aquatics. I chose […] More