• Inner Weevil

    My friend wanted me to add this quote from their quote book (yes, she has a quote book): “He needs to embrace his inner weevil and stop harassing women.” An interesting sentiment indeed. More

  • Looking back, Minecraft has been a part of my life for a long time. Back when I was a tiny little child, my grandparents got me a $20 tablet from Menards. It was manufactured by RCA, ran Android 5, and was fit for the landfill since conception. However, I still somehow managed to play Minecraft […] More

  • Music Goals


    You may have noticed that I’ve posted two music tracks recently: Jammy Jellyfish and Butter. Well, there’s a reason for that. My goal is to become everything at the same time. One of the things is a musical artist. So, to make my dreams come true, I must get my music online. I attempted this […] More

  • Remember Friend B from Absent Minded Racism? He’s back. He and I have a computer science class together. We both finished the course, but Friend B decided to save the tests for later in order to study. Well, it doesn’t really work out, since he just no-brains them. The first time he employed this strategy, […] More

  • Music: B U T T E R

  • Music: Jammy Jellyfish

  • Ignorance is Bliss

    I’m often worrying about something. There are a lot of things to worry about. However, sometimes a bad memory means a good life, at least for a while. If I’m really stressed about a few things, eventually I’ll just forget them. I’ll feel worried for a second, then I think, “What am I worried about?” […] More

  • Marker on the Desk


    In my math class, the desks are like whiteboards. You can draw on them with dry-erase markers, and it makes it really easy to do complex equations quickly. However, they can be utilized for other purposes. These desks can be used to transmit static information across the class barrier, allowing one-way communication to the next […] More

  • Sweaty Handles

    When I was little, my grandpa had an exercise bike in his basement. When he used it, he sweated a lot. I mean a lot. The handles on his exercise bike were made of foam, and his sweat would soak into them. One day my 6-8 year old mind (I was stupid at all ages) […] More

  • Absent Minded Racism

    Here’s a quote from two of my friends. FRIEND A: “Boyne, why do you remind me of a monkey?” FRIEND B: “Because he’s black.” Friend B doesn’t pay attention to things when he’s focused, and his brain makes up random stuff when he’s not paying attention. Not that he’s excused from scrutiny in this instance. More