Chet & Carol

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At my high school, there were two teachers who were very close. We’ll call the science teacher T, and the math teacher R. T was married to R’s sister, so that made T and R relatives. They schemed some interesting things, the greatest of which were the alter-egos.

On Halloween, I looked into R’s classroom to find a white-haired woman I didn’t recognize. It was R, but she always goes overboard on dress-up days. But she looked like she dressed up as a 50-year-old. That’s because she did.

She went on to explain that this was her alter-ego, Carol. She explained Carol’s personality in great depth.

It was obvious that Carol didn’t really exist, but T had other plans in mind.

He wasn’t at school on Halloween, but later he told us that he tried to invite his friend Chet. When he talked about Chet, he was describing one of the most far-out people I’ve ever heard of that did all kinds of crazy things, and it seemed suspicious. Then the last thing he said finally connected the dots in my mind: “He’s really close with Carol in R’s room.” An understanding look came over my face, and T said, “Do you have any questions, Boyne?” I stuttered, “No, not anymore.”

In conclusion, my science and math teachers had a multiverse.


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