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I was more of a loner back in high school. I didn’t like group projects because I thought I could do it better by myself. There was one particular project that sticks out.

At my high school, freshmen got a choice of which PE class to take. It was either Gym or Aquatics. I chose Aquatics because I:

  1. Like Water
  2. Was Scared of Gym Kids

Usually, we would swim all hour, learning new strokes, diving, and playing water games. Sometimes, our teacher wouldn’t be there or there’d be a half day. When that happened, we would sit in the hallway and work on a special project: Our safety presentation.

We were split up into lane lines, and each lane was a group that was working on a slideshow. My group got Beach Safety. I was absent when they got started on the slideshow, but luckily I was able to work on it the next time. All they had done was make an awful title slide. So, I got to work. Before I knew it, I’d made 6 slides. Nobody else had done more than add an image. The next time, I finished the whole slideshow and even had an extra Thank You slide.

This may seem like a bad and stressful approach, but it has its benefits.

  • You can blame everyone else for slacking if the slideshow is bad
  • You can make sure its not a bad slideshow
  • You get very popular with your group for doing all the work
  • You can ask for favors later

This also prevents the other parties from learning the subject, which hurt me a bit inside, but it’s Aquatics. Everyone knows not to stare at the sun on the beach.

For Spanish, I don’t take the same approach. I make them work. The teacher forced me and some other students that had poor grades to work together because she thought I was a “good influence.”

No good grade goes unpunished.



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