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This blog is a mess. A happy mess.

Note: Some of this information is outdated. I’m not an awful admin.

It’s currently running on my great grandma’s desktop computer. It used to run Windows Vista. It’s connected over WiFi to my home router, which is port forwarding on a dynamic IP address.

Internally, it’s WordPress running on a possibly outdated version of PHP with multiple missing libraries. Caching doesn’t work and dynamic DNS might not either.

My home network, which is supporting the whole system, frequently goes down or slows down, taking the site offline.

Some WordPress plugins refuse to update, and the file upload limit doesn’t change from its measly 2 MB.

The server is simultaneously running a full LXDE desktop, and doing this all over 8 GB of memory. All of the data is stored on a 1 TB hard disk drive.

The title bar on the top of the page can’t fit all the letters on small screens, so they’re moved down to the next line instead of using the empty space.

I’m using empty blocks to space out these big chunks.

It’s not good.


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