I don’t like Roblox

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Once in high school, I had gotten a new laptop. It was a pretty good laptop for the price of $500. My friend and sister called me to play a game. I thought it would be a good idea to use the laptop to play instead of my desktop.

They wanted to play Roblox, so I started installing it. It took a while, but eventually, it was there. I opened it up, and instantly hated it. Half of the buttons in the menu didn’t work, the loading spinner was an upscaled image so it looked like a pixelated mess, and it was generally very slow. But the worst part is that, just by running the menu, my computer reached 180 degrees Fahrenheit. In the menu.

Roblox was so unoptimized that it could barely run the menu on a computer that could run Blender with ease, play most games on Steam, and have one of the latest CPUs.

I switched to my desktop and would get randomly disconnected from games after a certain time period. You may want to note that my current internet speed at the time was around 170-200 MBPS. That was blisteringly fast for the time and the place.

I don’t like Roblox


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